Saturday, April 06, 2013

Used Opposes Florida Senate Bill 1588 ,Nothing more than a Cold Calculated Ruthless attempt by new Tire makers to eliminate Used Tire Dealers

The Honorable Jeremy Ring


Dear Senator Ring ,


Used Opposes Florida Senate Bill 1588 ,

Used Tires Inc is a Florida corporation engaged in the business of tire recycling and used tires sales wholesale.
The Florida Senate has a proposed Bill 1588 that would regulate the sales of used tires by retailers.Under the guise of consumer safety and consumer protectionism this bill exempts the sale of used tires for recapping. WHY? Because the New Tire makers are in the retreading business and sell the rubber and make Retreads themselves. How can a used tire be unsafe for ReUse as used tire but be safe as a casing for a retreaded tire???
 The EPA encourages the reuse of used tires. As a tire recycler and seller of used tires we strongly oppose this bill with the language it has in it.The legislature of Florida would do more for the motoring public if it reinstated automobile inspections not the sale at the retail level of a used tire.protecting the consumer and motorist from dangers like failing brakes,unsafe front ends,broken headlamps and signals and worn tires that should not be driven on the Florida roadways.Floridas motor vehicle laws already address the tread depth issue at 2/32 of a inch tires should be taken out of service. Maybe this committee should look at the mileage warranties given and  promised  by the new tire makers. A new tire with 11/32 or 12/32  of an inch of tread depth when new should not have to come out of service at 5/32 or 4/32 or even  3/32's of an inch or it would imply the manufacturers original warranty is false and misleading..
 The used tire industry has seen this shenanigans before always behind it are Goodyear,Bridgestone/Firestone,Pirelli North america and sometimes Michelin. They have probably broken Us laws including the Foreign Corrupt Practices act. We conclude it was no coincidence the Minister of Fomento in Venezuela the equivalant of our Commerce Secretary was a Firestone Tire Dealer .
They by virtue of their conspiring have probably and still are likely to be violating US ANTITRUST
laws such as the Sherman Act .
Senator, please oppose this poorly worded and unconstitutional Bill.
Howard Levy
Used Tires inc.
Deerfield Beach Fl,33442