Friday, February 11, 2011

EPA rule's about Tire Derived Fuel and the future of Tire Recycling Industry

According to a recent issue of Tire Business

The EPA has until February 21 2011 to issue its final rule covering emissions from industrial boilers and solid waste incinerators.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association as well as The Tire industry Association are concerned about the new MACT requirements.Under the new rule scrap tires would be defined as solid waste,meaning only Tire derived Fuel that was processed before use could be considered as fuel.This alone is enough to set back the Tire Industry and all the efforts it has made in the last twenty years towards resolving the nations scrap Tire disposal problems.This proposed rule would be a reversal of Twenty years of progress that all in the tire industry have worked hard to solve.The use of whole tires in industrial kilns is a Success!!!
Using scrap tires as an alternative fuel works.
The science and data are on Industries side . is proud to be a supplier and processor of Tire Derived Fuel for the Cement Industry.
Our company like many in the Tire Recycling industry believe in Reuse,Reduce,Recycle! !
Recycling over 130 million Scrap tires a year by using as an Alternative Fuel in industrial Kilns is an effective, safe way to eliminate discarded scrap tires and prevent them from being dumped illegally and forming clandestine landfills ravaged with potential disease.

Reversing twenty years of progress with no other viable alternative is JUST STUPID!!!