Monday, March 28, 2011 internets Leader In Used tires for sale Launches New website for Wholesale Used Tires

Used Tires Inc.
News from Howard Levy .com Fleetwwood Pa 3-29-2011 is proud to announce the launch of and
The newly launched website will be focused in on used tires wholesale.
Used car tires,used light truck tires as well as used truck tires can all be purchased online via thew new site.
Used and i wholesale used will be the latest addition to Tire Recycling Company. com and Tire Recycling Companies . Com
The Tire recycling Domains and websites will allow our customers more access and quicker to useful data to help facilitate their tire recycling companies domain portfolio as well as which has fast Become an industry leader in the sale of Used truck tires.
Both Used Truck Tire .com and Used offer used tires for sale direct to consumers to used tire dealers and used tires wholesaler. is also Tire Recycler and industry leader in the supply of scrap tires for tire derived fuel for the cement industry .

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Used Tire stars in Rubber the movie Robert the Used Tire

Well what can one say about "Rubber" The Movie about Robert a "Used Tire".
Little tire big dreams this what our killer looks like a Tire.
No not about tire safety or dangerous tires just about Robert the rolling Used Tire.
From the trailer it is unclear who the maker of this used tire was or is..coincidence????
Maybe the sequel will be called "Used Tires",,,,,,

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Useful knowledge blogs about used tires and website.

We found this while surfing google results for "used tires wholesale"
Thanks for the compliment about our website.
Howard Levy

Why Would Anyone Buy Used Tires?
Posted on September 19, 2010 by admin

Cheap Fun I have often wondered why in the world anyone would go to all the trouble of purchasing and installing a tire when they know it has already been used. Sure, maybe you saved a few bucks but you’ll probably be replacing those tires in the very near future, right? And then you’ll pay for balancing and installing all over again…

And then I had to replace the tires on my little Kia Rio hatchback and walked away with four nice Yokohama tires with a 60,000 mile warranty and paid over $600. Ouch! OK, so maybe I should check out this whole used tires thing again…

As it turns out, there are actually quite a few places you can find on the internet where you can order used tires. At first this seemed to me like it would kill all of your cost savings, mainly from the shipping charges. But if you find someone in your area, or if you are ordering the tires for a fleet or for something besides using them on a vehicle it probably starts to make more financial sense. And then I started thinking about the used tires business itself. How could anyone make money at a business like that? I just assumed that used tires were something you bought at some small mom and pop type of business. Maybe you are in college and are broke, maybe you run a landscaping business and drive all over town mowing lawns and don’t really care about shiny new tires. Those customers are going to look for a local business. But several businesses are selling used tires online, so I decided to dig into this issue a little closer, just out of curiosity.

Of course some of the top results when you search in Google are obviously creating their web site just to get clicks on their Google Ads. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but many sites like this are referred to as ‘MFA’ (Made For Adsense). The problem with them is that they contain articles which are outsourced to some ‘third world’ country and they end up providing a lot of words without really providing much information. is one of those kinds of sites. I even found a site which purports to sell used tires, but I’ll be damned if you can actually get to their product page or order form. And they don’t even have ads! But then there are the sites actually selling tires, and I really like Howard Levy’s site. – pretty much the best website name for the product. Looks like he’s been in the business for almost thirty years, and online since 1997. Now this guy is an early adopter! And it also appears that he sells most of his used tires wholesale. This makes sense to me. And it seems that a lot of these tires are purchased for something called ‘Tire Derived Fuel’ which I don’t understand but it seems to have something to do with recycling and gives me something else to look up and maybe write about!