Wednesday, December 11, 2013 gets server problem resolved.Having website down sucks!!

 We apologize to our customers and website visitors Trying to keep up to date and current .Used the industry leader in used tires wholesale and used tires online and wholesale used tires website was down. At times it seemed like weeks when it was only hours then days.
Used Thanks all of you for your patience.
Below is some of our communication with our server and the worlds largest registrar

Howard Levy posted to GoDaddy@facebook
December 9 at 9:23pm ·

Need customer service to call me regards not being back up!Have a SUPERVISOR or EXEC contact me
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Howard Levy
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GoDaddy Hello Howard. We can definitely have a supervisor contact you. However, we will not be able to do so until tomorrow morning. If you would like me to set that up, please provide the best time and number to reach you at. ^Jesse
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Howard Levy What? You have no one there now who can get this fixed????If it was it would be up.This is unacceptable I am up call me number in my info or on website....Oh i forgot my website is down
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Howard Levy GODADDY this website should be up NO MORE EXCUSES FIX THE PROBLEM I have lost hundreds if not thousands of Unique Visitors as a result of this situation and have been told Less than the Truth about its cause and when you will have up again????
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GoDaddy I apologize for the issue you've been having with your hosting. I've looked into the issue with your site, and found that our teams are working on an issue with the database server. They weren't able to provide me with an ETA on when the work will be d...See More
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Howard Levy Gary Thanks for response a email when done is fine But I need someone to follow up that they are working and when I can expect the site to be up.
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GoDaddy I can assure you they are working on it now. Unfortunately I still cannot provide an ETA, but hopefully it should not be much longer. Your patience is appreciated as our hosting team works to correct this as quickly as possible. ^CG
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Howard Levy Gary? Godaddy What is the problem it is now 435EST and is still down?
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GoDaddy Sorry for any confusion or troubles. To get this resolved we will need you to back up the DB. Remove it. Make a new one then we can import it for you. ^C
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Howard Levy Godaddy some very very POOR communication Why at this hour are we being told this?/You Guys owe Something >>..
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GoDaddy I am not sure why that was not made more clear earlier, i do apologize about that. Can you take those steps so we can first get your site back up and running normally? ^C
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Howard Levy IT Says it s pending backup? please let me know what we can do from our side need to get up Paul is our it contact
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GoDaddy Perfect, once that is completed you just need to remove the old db and make a new one, then import the back up to the new one. ^C
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Howard Levy Where do we stand ?Why is it taking so long?PLEASE need to get Up.
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Howard Levy Come on Godaddy I just received this from Elevated webdesigns I called again.... still doing backup. They are telling me it could take up to 24 hours. That is bullshit this is a small database they don't know what they are talking about. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE DATABASE. They need to pull our data off and recreate it.

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Howard Levy And not change IP
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GoDaddy Hi Howard. I'm really very sorry this has all taken so long to get addressed. I can assure you that the issue is being looked at by our top tier support and it will get resolved as soon as it possibly can. ^Jesse
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Paul Walbert I went to back up his database earlier 6:30 PM EST. It still says database is backing up. When I called in at first they said up to two hours. Now they are saying 24. This is ridiculous clearly something is wrong with this database that is why it always times out and will not backup. Customer service has very poor communication with me in this matter, I'm not even sure if they know what's going on.
Paul Walbert's photo.
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Paul Walbert I've backed up databases with Godaddy before. THEY DO NOT TAKE 4 AND A HALF HOURS. These are databases much bigger than this too. This is merely a simple website CMS that I built.
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GoDaddy Thanks for reaching out to us Paul. We are working on getting the site for back up. We will make sure to address any issues with the database if it's still happening at that time. Sorry for the delay. ^Jesse
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Howard Levy Jese Godaddy Why is still down?????????
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Howard Levy Way too much time and no resolution How about having your Legal dept contact me
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GoDaddy We're making sure that the database is properly migrated. The process is ongoing, but should be resolved shortly. I know this has been frustrating and an inconvenience, but appreciate you hanging in there while we take care of it. ^Nate
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Howard Levy Nate, Please email me when the site is up I hope shortly ......
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GoDaddy Yes, you are set to receive an email notification when it's complete Howard. ^Nate
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Howard Levy Nate ?Shortly???What is going on,How much longer do you need to get up???
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Howard Levy had less problems!!!!
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GoDaddy Howard, I totally understand your concern and hope it will be resolved for you shortly. I want to give a more specific time frame, but the nature of this issue makes it difficult to do that. It would be wrong to set an expectation we may not be able to reach, in the event any complications occurred while our team was working to get the database migrated. ^Nate
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Howard Levy
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Joanne Richards Green Howie,Maybe you need to consider moving your Domains and Hosting to 1 and 1 or Moniker they are local to you
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Joanne Richards Green Maybe time for Godaddys General Counsel to call your attorney
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Howard Levy GoDaddy I am pursuing a few options at this time to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible, but can't offer any greater detail at this time. I will update you as soon as I have more definitive news. Thanks for hanging in there while I have this fixed. ^Nate
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Howard Levy Above is latest response from's Facebook Team Thanks Nate Now Please follow thru and get back on the internet
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Howard Levy President Used Tires Inc.

Glad to see finally Godaddy has resolved our issue and is back up

Thanks Paul Walbert and Elevated Web Design  Kutztowns finest!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Used Opposes Florida Senate Bill 1588 ,Nothing more than a Cold Calculated Ruthless attempt by new Tire makers to eliminate Used Tire Dealers

The Honorable Jeremy Ring


Dear Senator Ring ,


Used Opposes Florida Senate Bill 1588 ,

Used Tires Inc is a Florida corporation engaged in the business of tire recycling and used tires sales wholesale.
The Florida Senate has a proposed Bill 1588 that would regulate the sales of used tires by retailers.Under the guise of consumer safety and consumer protectionism this bill exempts the sale of used tires for recapping. WHY? Because the New Tire makers are in the retreading business and sell the rubber and make Retreads themselves. How can a used tire be unsafe for ReUse as used tire but be safe as a casing for a retreaded tire???
 The EPA encourages the reuse of used tires. As a tire recycler and seller of used tires we strongly oppose this bill with the language it has in it.The legislature of Florida would do more for the motoring public if it reinstated automobile inspections not the sale at the retail level of a used tire.protecting the consumer and motorist from dangers like failing brakes,unsafe front ends,broken headlamps and signals and worn tires that should not be driven on the Florida roadways.Floridas motor vehicle laws already address the tread depth issue at 2/32 of a inch tires should be taken out of service. Maybe this committee should look at the mileage warranties given and  promised  by the new tire makers. A new tire with 11/32 or 12/32  of an inch of tread depth when new should not have to come out of service at 5/32 or 4/32 or even  3/32's of an inch or it would imply the manufacturers original warranty is false and misleading..
 The used tire industry has seen this shenanigans before always behind it are Goodyear,Bridgestone/Firestone,Pirelli North america and sometimes Michelin. They have probably broken Us laws including the Foreign Corrupt Practices act. We conclude it was no coincidence the Minister of Fomento in Venezuela the equivalant of our Commerce Secretary was a Firestone Tire Dealer .
They by virtue of their conspiring have probably and still are likely to be violating US ANTITRUST
laws such as the Sherman Act .
Senator, please oppose this poorly worded and unconstitutional Bill.
Howard Levy
Used Tires inc.
Deerfield Beach Fl,33442