Thursday, April 21, 2011

How does a website owner Reclaim their Page One Google search result if your result is Hijacked by another domain

As owner of website we have had multiple recent hacking attacks Msnbc, Fox news and Reuters are reporting over 1 million websites have become victims.
Many small website owners are not even aware of the problem including hacking malware,phishing etc being installed onto their websites.
What does the small businessman do? Who and where are the difficult answers to restoring your site and preserving those valuable search engine rankings hopefully on page one for your keywords? The cost in lost advertising revenue and lost sales,restoring the website,recoding the website as a result of the decreased amount of "unique visitors" to our website is now in the thousands of dollars.
Traffic unique vistors and converting those metrics to used tire sales or monetizing thru advertising programs such as Google's Adsense is what all website owners strive for in addition to that coveted page one result from the search engines. has had several attacks,we have moved servers rebuilt the entire website with different code ,changed all passwords.We thought we were good.....
The latest attack is from a new angle now we have had our Google search results Hijacked.
Where every business owner strives to be on Page one of the Google results for the keywords that are crucial for their business has been fortunate to continuosly rank well in our Keywords of Used tires,used tire and used tires wholesale and wholesale used tires.
Results from this mornings search for "used tires" returns the following online store and used tires wholesale: Wholesale Used Tires, ships container loads of wholesale used tires worldwide direct to your door. Visit our online retail ...
Alexa Traffic Rank for - Cached
Results from this mornings Google search for "wholesale used tires" online store and used tires wholesale: Wholesale Used Tires, ships container loads of wholesale used tires worldwide direct to your door. Visit our online retail ... - Cached
We are in the process of communicating with Google and hope reindexing and caching will clear up the case of our results being hijacked by another domain.
Who does this and why are questions ???......Of course how to regain control of this and make sure it does not happen again is the Big Question...?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Should government lift the ban on wholesale used tyre importation?

In Jamaica, motor vehicle accidents are relatively common. When these accidents occur, many persons blame road conditions, illiterate drivers, road hogs, and sometimes even the problem of bad tyres are explored.

Well, according to the opponents of used tyre importation, the latter problem is about to get even worse. Why? Because there have been reports that the Jamaican government may be planning to lift the ban on wholesale importation of used tyres soon.

Although it was the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda, who advocated for the ban on used tyre importation last year, he seems quite ready to put the restriction to an end this year.

“You have some people who are having real difficulty finding money to buy new tyres, so there is a heavy demand for used tyres,” Samuda told The Gleaner.

He feels that lifting the ban on used tyres (which usually cost approximately 40-50 per cent less than new ones) would really help poor Jamaicans. He has however indicated that the importation will be done using new regulations set up by the Bureau of Standards.

Well, despite the arguments put forward, The Road Safety Unit is obviously not completely sold on the idea:

“Used tyres should be treated with a healthy degree of scepticism. The Road Safety Unit cannot wholeheartedly support the move towards allowing used tyres on the island, as the institutional framework to adequately ensure that they are safe for road users are not in place,” the unit stated.

What do you think? Should government lift the ban on wholesale used tyre importation? Do you believe bad tyres have anything to do with motor vehicle accidents? Have your say…

The ban in question has never been about Tire safety.
The ban is one of many that were implemented at the Behest of New tire makers.
Goodyear, Bridgestone Firestone and Pirelli and their Rubber Manufacturers Association here in the Us and worldwide have for years mounted a smear campaign against used tires.Our company Used Tires Inc and our website have been battling these companies and lobbying foreign governments to reverse these bans for decades now!We HAVE WON A PERMANENT INJUNCTION AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT OF PUERTO RICO.
We sell used tires here in the USA,Japan sells them Germany sells them France sells them Great Britain sell them all Domestically as well as for export. The sales of Good quality used tires is something that never should have been banned it always was and is nothing more than a Protectionest measure from your politicians for their cronies at Goodyear.....
Howard Levy
Used Tires Inc.