Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Used tires for sale Usedtires.com resolves Hacking problem

As owner of Usedtires.com website we have had multiple recent hacking attacks Msnbc, Fox news and Reuters are reporting over 1 million websites have become victims.seems Fox NewsCorp maybe needs to do a little in house cleaning when it comes to Hacking
Many small website owners are not even aware of the problem including hacking malware,phishing etc being installed onto their websites.
What does the small businessman do?
Who and where are the difficult answers to restoring your site and preserving those valuable search engine rankings hopefully on page one for your keywords? The cost in lost advertising revenue and lost sales,restoring the website,recoding the website as a result of the decreased amount of "unique visitors" to our website is now in the thousands of dollars.
Traffic and unique visitors and converting those metrics to used tire sales or monetizing thru advertising programs such as Google's Adsense is what all website owners strive for in addition to that coveted page one search engine result from the leaders like Google,Yahoo and Bing.
Usedtires.com has had several attacks,we have moved servers rebuilt the entire website with different code ,changed all passwords.We thought we were good.....
The latest attack is from a new angle now we have had our Google search results Hijacked.
Where every business owner strives to be on Page one of the Google results for the keywords that are crucial for their business usedtires.com has been fortunate to continuosly rank well in our Keywords of Used tires,used tire and used tires wholesale and wholesale used tires.
No amount of lost Page one Search engine results can be made up for But appearing under "Used Tires",'Used tire", "Used Tires Wholesale","Wholesale Used Tires" Used truck Tires and Used tires for sale again is reward enough for we at used tires .com have learned more than we care about restoring a website that has been hacked and restoring a website search engine result position to where it belongs on page one.